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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  July 10, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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58 degrees in the lehigh valley. 65 degrees in delaware. warming into the 80s. up to 86 degrees for delaware. 86 also for the lehigh valley. if you're looking for cooler weather, it will be low 80s at the shore this afternoon. with plenty of sunshine. nice and clear this morning for cape may. break it down hour by hour to show you how quickly things warm up in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting off on 295 in west stepford. southbound, northbound okay. 42 freeway moving up. and headed down to delaware memorial bridge. 22 minute trip there. not seeing an increase. average speeds into the mid 60s. moving there. watching construction. construction project going to be an active seen out in cherry hill. that's at least until the end of the month. route 70 westbound. watching some lane restrictions there.
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crash in abington on meeting house road around sunset avenue. watch that intersection with police activity. right now, the search is on for missing men in bucks county. police from several local towns are focus can go on a property in solebury township. >> nbc 10 pamela osborne live to explain. >> reporter: since i saw you last, i called solebury police to see if i can get an update. no one answered the phone, but likely said we're waiting to find out more on what's going on: been here since this morning. seen a police creuiser driving around in the area of where they were focusing their search last night. investigating with the help of several local departments. looking for four missing men. this is video from last night's search that i mentioned. took place in the area of route 202 and meeting house road. investigators were searching for these men. jimmy went missing on wednesday.
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from newtown. he hasn't contacted friend or family. they say is unusual. then there's 18-year-old dean of language horn. he was last seen getting in a car around 6:30 friday night. haven't released the identity of other two missing men, but family members did identify them as mark stur apologies and tom. last saw his son leaving their home around 6:00ed on friday night to visit with tom of doylestown. both men have been missing since friday night. anyone with information should give police a call. again, we are actively working with out reaching out to police for an update. reporting live in solebury, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. happening now, rail commuters in our region heading north may experience the summer of hell. terms being used for repairs being made to penn station. beginning today and they're expected to cause major delays.
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live look at philadelphia's 30th street station. ride amtrak or new jersey transit, you might want to charge your phone or bring something to read just in case. $40 million in emergency repairs will begin today. affecting both amtrak and new jersey transit trains arriving from our region. expect delays longer than 30 minutes for the next two months. the repairs will focus on a series of derailments like the one that happened thursday night. a train with nearly 200 people on board jumped the track in a tunnel between the hudson river. happening today members of a penn state fraternity facing charges in the hazing death of a student are expected back in court. hearing in center county allow the prosecution to finish laying out case and to allow defense lawyers for the men to cross-examination prosecution witnesses. 19-year-old timothy piazza died in february. blood alcohol level four times
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the legal limit. piazza stumbled downstairs. no one called for help until 12 hours later. 18 fraternity brothers face charges that include involuntary manslaughter. tom wolf has until midnight to sign, veto, or allow state spending bill to lapse into law. house and senate also trying to find a way to pay for the nearly $32 billion spending plan that they passed last beweek. hope to raise more than $2 billion in revenue. options include expanding gambling laws. borrowing more than a billion dollars and possible tax increase. budget battles over in new jersey and delaware. both states passed budgets last week in new jersey governor chris christie signed a $34.7 billion budget deal after a three day state government shutdown there. in delaware, the house and senate passed a $4.1 billion spending plan. new this morning, donald trump junior is offering a new
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account of a meeting he had with a lawyer linked to the kremlin. >> that happened shortly after his father won a republican nomination last year. hoping to get information helpful to the campaign. "new york times" report trump junior agreed to a meeting with the russian lawyer at the trump tower after being promised information damaging democratic candidate hillary clinton. his brother, jared kushner, and campaign chairman were also at the meeting. trump junior said the meeting was mainly about adoptions while mentioning nothing about clinton. meanwhile, president trump is trying to move forward in working with russia. days after closed door meeting with vladimir putin, yesterday the president tweeted i strongly pressed president putin twice about russian metaling in our election. he vehemently denied it. discussed cyber security unit to prevent election hacking. hour later, president trump appeared to pull back on the idea tweeting the fact we
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discussed a cyber security unit doesn't mean i think it can happen. it can't, but a ceasefire can and did. that last part refers to the ceasefire in syria. reaction from senators lindsey graham and john mccain. >> not the dumbest idea i've ever heard, but it's pretty close. >> i'm sure that vladimir putin could be of enormous assistance in that since he's doing the hacking. >> looking at russian interference with the 2016 election and connections between trump and associates and the russian government. a local congressman says he will introduce legislation that would ban president trump from working with russia on cyber security. part of the u.s. delegation attending the g20 summit in germany. joins bipartisan criticism about the tweets this weekend about working with russia on a joint cyber security unit. >> it's bizarre. the president's idea that we
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would somehow do a joint cyber security unit with russia is a little like doing a joint anti-terrorism unit with isis. >> the cia, fbi, and the national security agency agree that russia and vladimir putin specifically metalled in the 2016 election. 5:07. new program kicks off to get philadelphia children reading at their grade level. read to succeed is a half day summer camp. parents can register this morning at 8:30. right now about two-thirds of philadelphia fourth graders cannot read at their grade level. 7 minutes after 5:00. look at this beautiful view from camelback and poconos mountains. cool start. low 50s in poconos this morning. warm summer day. there will be clouds popping up. there's a chance of isolated shower. most of the day it's going to stay dry. it will be warmer than yesterday
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and you'll feel that warmth this evening with partly cloudy skies. still dry this evening. right now 68 degrees in philadelphia. low 60s in millville and trenton. look at the 50s for allentown and pottstown. they're the low 50s right now in the poconos mountains. pretty nice start. show just a few scattered clouds to northwest. storms further northwest. those will be here tomorrow. for today, mainly watching the temperatureses and the winds pick up. those southwesterly winds, bit stronger today. that's going to bring in a little more heat and a little bit more humidity. you'll feel it will difference today. still a nice summer day. 69 degrees in 7:00. 11:00. 81 in philadelphia. 85 degrees by mid-afternoon. suburbs starting off in the 50s and warming into the 60s by 7:00. the near 80 degrees at 11:00. into the 80s this afternoon with mostly sunny skies. lehigh valley starting in the 50s this morning. just be in the low 60s at 7:00. by late this morning, 74 degrees
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and look at the sunshine for this afternoon. plenty of sunshine for delaware. warming temperatures for the 60s. low 80s. late morning and upper 80s this afternoon. should be dry in delaware today and new jersey as well. 86 degrees this afternoon. partly to mostly sun lly sunny new jersey. southerly winds limit the temperatures to 80 degrees this afternoon. we will be in the 80s today. we're heading into the 90s for tomorrow. check out the 7 day forecast at the bottom of the screen. for each part of our area. shows a heat wave coming along with storms. look at that. how long the heat lasts with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then, bill. about nine minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this monday. find out how it looks on i-95 this morning. we're watching ath rites now. our camera just around girard avenue. everyone looks good so far. see both directions really
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pretty empty. southbound here moving from woodhaven road to vine street expressway. that's a 13 minute trip. speeds still into the 60s. not seeing any problems on 95. mass transit check out okay. on time for septa. new jersey transit. patco doing great. there is a crash though. out in abington. meeting house road around sunset avenue. we'll end with pa turnpike and checking in with drive times. everything looks good still. 21 minutes in both directions. westbound, eastbound. speeds still in the 60s. a school fight is on. even during the summer when school is out. at issue is funding public versus charter schools. next, nbc news shines a spotlight on a philadelphia charter school. why not everyone is happy about the success there. ticketing change. if you ride septa's regional rails. paying for your community will be different beginning today. plus, got to be the shoes. artists are creating special
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sneakers for each state in america. coming up next, the special look for pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware.
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take a look at this. massive fire broke out at camden market in london. more than 70 firefighters battled the fire. police say it's not clear yet if there were any injuries. cause of the fire and extent of damage is not yet known. philadelphia charter school is in the national spotlight in the debate between public and chatter schools. boys latin school of philadelphia. it was featured last night on the nbc program sunday night with megyn kelly. 90% of students have gone on to college. admission is by lottery. and free for any student who gets in since it's publicly funded. critics say it comes with a price. especially hen it comes to funding public schools. one parent says she can't worry
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about other parents. >> i have to worry about my son. i cannot focus on what the next parent is doing. so if they were on a waiting list. say they couldn't get in. i'm sure for th i'm sorry for that, but i'm not sorry for that because i hustled for that. >> is their fair. >> is life fair. >> we created two systems that are ca are. they are going to have to change if they want the two systems to coexist. firefighters back on the frontline this morning as wildfires continue to burn across western states. fuelled by sering temperatures in california to major fires forced nearly 8,000 people from their homes. more than 600 fight fighters working to contain the alamo fire. six people have been hurt. >> doing or best to get the upper hand on it. a lot to contend with with the
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weather and the fuels that are out there very dry. long road ahead of us. >> north of the border. nearly 200 fires are burning in british columbia. adidas is coming out with a line of all-american sneakers. >> company created a unique shoe for each state in the union. take a look at the pennsylvania sneaker. designer said the sthate is knon for scenery. added historical icons and nature elements. >> what state is that. >> pennsylvania. >> this is delaware. the designer said she was inspired by delaware river with beautiful colors and textures. >> all right. this is new jersey. where jess and i live. it's all about pizza. >> i don't get it. >> designer said it reflects the pride jerseyans take in their flat crust. maybe more than new yorkers do. that's the ugliest shoeive ever
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seen. >> that's not true. there's no color. >> major market for shoes. am i right? >> people with take advantage of that. >> take it off the sales rack. >> clearance. >> where i shop. clearance. exactly. >> clearer roads this morning, jesse. >> you're going walk to work, maybe. we're going to go on route 73. right around the atlantic city expressway. this is where we're starting. everything looks good right now. very empty. heading to the shore or maybe home from the shore. a lot of times what happens on early monday morning. see the traffic haeeading home. also watching a crash in abington. jericho road around woodland road.
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intersection there. route 422 looks okay. green in both directions right now. eastbound from schuylkill. just an 8 minute trip. speeds in the 60s. both directions look good. moving towards the schuylkill. 422. you'll be able to go. another one in abington also. meeting house road around sunset avenue. watching that for the past hour or so. updates on all of this stuff for the rest of the morning when i come back in ten minutes. >> see you then, jess. 18 minutes past 5:00 a.m. starting to get light out. >> starting to get a little light. >> if you've been outside, you'll feel how the temperatures are lower this morning. they're going to heat up. bill henley is here to tell us. >> a nice cool start. 68 degrees in philadelphia. the normal is 69 degrees so we're within a degree of that. ocean city new jersey, mostly clear. just a few thin clouds here. no sign of any showers for ocean city. not today. 68. there's 68 in philadelphia. delaware in the 60s too.
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look at the 50s for the lehigh valley. suburbs. south jersey is at 58 degrees. at the shore, 63 degrees right now. the numbers are still cooling at this time. come down a bit more than after sunrise on the way to the 80s this afternoon. 68 in west township. unionville. all in the 50s this morn. 56 degrees in new hope. bedminster is 58. politic pleasant a start this morning. humidity is very low. stay on the low side today. temperatures in the upper 80s. westchester. 86 degrees this afternoon. a lot of sunshine for lansdale and allentown. upper 80s for new jersey. humidity will be a little bit higher today than it was yesterday. still pretty nice. and the shore, very low 80s this afternoon with nothing, but sunshine. delaware up to 86 degrees. little by warmer in smyrna and
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delaware beaches going to be a warm summer day at 88 degrees. showers hold off for most areas today. come tomorrow, we'll be watching some showers early in the morning. redding and allentown and into the poconos. a chance of storms during the day tomorrow. those heavy storms moving into the midwest right now. their on track for our area tomorrow afternoon. today, we'll see a lot of sunshine. could be an isolated shower popping up this afternoon, but more likely we're going to have to wait until tomorrow. we'll start the day with just a few scattered showers. mainly to the north. that's at 6:45 in the morning. then in the afternoon, showers and possible some heavy downpours with thunderstorms moving through. that's 3:00 in the afternoon. don't look terribly stormy there. the evening hours. some showers popping up. not an all-day rainfall tomorrow. could be downpours. today you'll need your sunglasses. umbrellas can wait until tomorrow. 87 today. with the storm threat comes the
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heat.  94 the high temperature. we're in the 90s again on wednesday. thursday. come thursday and friday. good possibility of more showers and thunderstorms. finally cools things down for friday. back to sunshine and dry conditions for the weekend. sunday up to 88 degrees. another warm day on monday. next tuesday and wednesday, back into the low 90s. >> see you in a little bill, bill. parents, kids, the power of outside influences. new studies reveal just how smart children see themselves when compared to others. also, tonight is the night. cnbc business report. special deal up for grabs starting tonight for select amazon users.
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400 girls 5-7 age. wanted to see if they identified smartness more with men or women. boys always chose men no matter the age. girls age five mostly chose women, but six and seven-year-old girls mostly chose men. big question is why? >> why? i think it's not a question that has a single answer. kids soak up social information around them. they get cues from parents, from teachers, other children, the media. little kids track these sorts of cues and it forms their belief. >> researchers say that it's time to shift that message. tell you young kids not so much about being smart, but putting in effort, energy, dedication, and hard work that's most important. >> wells fargo is getting the go ahead to settle claims over creating fake accounts for thousands of customers. landon dowdy here with cnbc business news. good morning, landon.
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>> hi, good monday morning to you. judge has given preliminary approval to wells fargo plan to pay at least $142 million to customers whose credit scores were hurt by employees creating fake accounts. part of a class action settlement. bank accounts, credit cards and loans over the past 15 years. the bank still faces federal and state regulators as well as private lawsuits. >> landon, thanks. today is the day amazon prime members have been waiting for. tell us more. that's right. the time has come. get to clicking. amazon's third annual prime day is tomorrow. starts tonight at 9:00 p.m. with a special online shopping deals exclusively for amazon prime members. 30 hours of deals start tonight at 9:00 p.m. new deals pop up as often as every five minutes. exclusive deals for members.
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echo device. and p amazon prim membership is $99 per year. prove some deals online. wall street street looks poised to start the week in positive territory today. pushing the markets to the green for the week following the much better than expected jobs report that we saw. look for data this week on inflation and retail sails. fed chair janet yellen testifies twice on capitol hill about the economy. >> thanks so much. forever homes are needed after a tragic crash. next, how you can help cats and dogs after a driver was killed in a crash at a new castle county animal shelter. also, are you a good tipper or a bad tipper. next explain why your agendaer and political views influence how much money you leave at the table. >> emily: i want to live on my own
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but i know it won't be easy.
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how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today.


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